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Olicom is a group of companies which has established itself as a leading IT player and market leader in banking automation business by providing specialized passbook printers and high end dot-matrix print heads to its strategic partners worldwide.
Thanks to the strategic acquisition of Olivetti Banking and Postal of Line Business done in March of 2016 by its mother company Shenzhen Pu Ying Innovation Technology Corp. Ltd, a leading IT corporation based in China, Olicom becomes now one of the leading manufacturer and provider of specialized printing solution and equipment, smart printing & scanning devices, original consumables and high technology dot matrix print head through the integration of the industrial chain and the wide spread partner network.

The Group operates through 5 companies with a diversification in terms of business and geographic area covered:

  • Shenzhen Pu Ying Innovation Technology, Corp Ltd.
  • Olicom Banking Technology, Corp Ltd.
  • Olicom International Technology Corp Ltd.
  • Pu Ying Olicom Technology Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Olicom International S.r.l.
  • Two R&D Centers

Olicom’s major business covers following fields:

Smart Printing & Scanning Business

After the acquisition of Olivetti B&P LoB business, Olicom has become the owner of the top two well-known passbook printers (PR2 & PR9). The total shipment of these two passbook printers in recent decade was more than 2.5 million units worldwide, occupying 60% of the high end global market;
Besides the basic model with printing solution, Olicom is also capable to supply full line of products ranging from printing, MSR, MICR and Scanner to meet the diversified request from the market. MB2 series products are the most powerful products in functionality and are the best selling products in the global market. Integrated with printing, scanning, MICR read/write, MSR read/write and USB HUB in one printer, MB2 has 150,000 units installation worldwide up till now.

Digital transformation and smart solutions

Through the strategic cooperation with the European partner, Olicom is capable to provide a unique one-stop offering for deep digital transformation program in every business verticals.
With the increased demand of smart solutions due to the innovation on banking & postal business, Olicom has introduced the smart device VTS (Virtual Teller Service) to the bank teller environment, as the replacement for the cashless ATM in the branches. In 2016, the company also put forward the mobile banking solutions which offers convenience and efficiency to the bank business.

Retailing ATM products

Targeting at rural financial market, Olicom provides a series of retailing ATM products which is in compliance with POS standards, providing the services to the cash dispensing demand in off-branch environment.

Our History

  • Pu Ying was set up in Shenzhen in 2012
  • Pu Ying has designed and produced PR9 series passbook printers and achieved successful presence in the domestic market, through the cooperation with Nantian Electronics one of the leading IT system integrator in China
  • The installation of PR9 reaches 500K units

  • Company re-organization
  • Offer to Telecom Italia for Olivetti business acquisition
  • Shenzhen Pu Ying Innovation Technology Corp. Ltd is duly organized on Dec 28, 2015

  • Strategic acquisition of the Olivetti Banking and Postal business from Telecom Italia on March 16
  • IPRs & patents, know-how and licenses are transferred
  • Wholly owned daughters companies are duly established under the brand name of Olicom to carry out company operations across the world
  • Sales channels integration and consolidation
  • Manufacturing transition (in-sourcing)

  • Business stabilization and development
  • Strong in-house manufacturing capability achieved
  • New solutions and products development
  • New funds are injected in the Company by China Innovation Fund


Our company is a worldwide market leader in providing world class specialized products in the fintech industry, including printing, scanning, kiosks and interactive solutions.
Our mission is to continue to be the first choice and to secure a leadership position in all of our global markets, providing reliable products and solutions of the highest quality and delivering more value for money to our loyal customers and partners newtwork worldwide.


To become an innovative leader and continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic businesses offering innovative technology solutions for our considerable customer base.
Together, we are driven by innovation and defined by excellence.



The company has always been responsible for the quality aspects. The first guarantee is supported by customer satisfaction; the latter is authenticated by the certifications obtained.

The quality system of Shenzhen Pu Ying Innovation Technology Corporation Limited, which represents the most advanced technological sector of the entire Group, by reason of its Quality Management System has been awarded the certificate for compliance with the standard GB/T 19001-2016 / ISO 9001:2015.

The Quality Management System applies in Design and Assembly for the impact printers.

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