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Industrial Moulds

Olicom specializes in design, development and construction of plastic injection moulds and progressive dies.

The capabilities are completed with the production of plastic parts and metal sheet parts with a capacity up to hundreds of millions of pieces annually.

Through the extensive achievements of our highly-committed team, we strive to remain the premier choice for plastics and metal sheet solutions increasing the success of our customers.

European Approach

Integrity, respect and trust. This is the basis of our way of working with customers.

The success of each project, simple or complex, requires a careful and punctual planning for its entire duration, but not only.

First of all, our approach to work is inherited and impregnated by European working experience, knowledge of European working culture together with the possibility of using your own language.

Project Technical Team

Our technical team is completely internal to our company and is structured to cover the different technical areas, from the engineers of injection moulding design to those of mould flow analysis, from technicians of the metal mould design to those of the mould project, from the staff of the mould fitter to the inspectors of quality.

The company is undergoing a huge development and its dynamism is also due to the high level of the young technicians' education, guided and coordinated by specialists with decades of experience, achieved even in large companies.

Project Management

The culture of project management is inherent in the Olicom way of working.

With the application of knowledge, aptitudes, tools and techniques to the activities of a project, Olicom manages the individual projects with a dedicated, specialized and certified figure, for the analysis, planning, design, realization and control of the objectives of a project, in all its characteristics and evolutionary phases, in compliance with precise constraints (times, costs, quality, and goals).

The customer has a unique, clear and reliable reference inside Olicom, avoiding continuous dispersion.

project management


Flexibility and specialization at the customer's service to manage and develop the value of the customer, accompanying him from the beginning to the end of his industrial needs.
This has become one of Olicom’s strengths and has given extraordinary results even in competitive markets such as the European ones.
Availability and adaptability to the customer's request, focusing attention on the objectives set through extreme professionalism.


The Olicom system of cost leadership, with its cost advantage for the customer, is our best enterprise ability in delivering services and producing products at a very competitive price.
Our position in the market is determined by better value for money.
This is possible because the costs for the realization of the activities are lower than those of our competitors thanks to our optimization of localization strategies. In fact the company’s production facilities are located in Shenzhen, China.



Olicom has been developing and producing moulds for a long time. Over the years, the company's capacity has grown considerably by placing Olicom among global suppliers, such as the Turnkey solution provider, both for the world of plastic injection and for metal sheet punching, in particular progressive dies.
Design, planning, raw material management, mould making, finishing, sampling and production of the final parts, represent the pivotal phases of our work, thanks to continuous integration into the company structure of technicians and staff with decades of experience.


To complete the initial capacity of design and realization of moulds, Olicom, for some years, has integrated its expertise creating a sector totally dedicated to the production of parts, whether plastic or sheet metal.

The latter with a privilege in relation to progressive dies. Our production capacity, for both sectors, ranges from a small to a medium scale, with a monthly realization of parts ranging from some thousands to hundreds of thousands.


Our ability to design and manufacture moulds, as well as to produce parts, whether plastic injection or progressive dies, is the result of the professional skills of the respective teams, through the use of specific machines.
We employ numerous machines which, to give an estimation of our current operating range, can be identified with the following technical parameters.
  • For the realization of the moulds: CNC, EDM, WEDM-LS and Grinding machines, with a range up to 900mm, for plastic moulds and a range of up to 2000mm for progressive dies.
  • For the production of parts:
    Presses from 6 up to 600 tonnes for plastic parts and from 25 to 200 tonnes for sheet metal parts or for the progressive dies.


To meet the customer’s expectations, some methodologies are applied in the development, approval and monitoring of business processes. Olicom can rely on a quality management system, which has gradually evolved under the thrust of continuous improvement.
The final element as well as the initial one, regarding the implementation of the quality processes, is represented by the customer, whose satisfaction is valued through the Customer Satisfaction.
For dimensional checks of the elements, sophisticated instruments with high precision are used, such as: three coordinates measuring machine, height gauge and 2,5D projector. Professional inspectors, as well as an area dedicated to inspections, complete the company’s quality processes.

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