Smart Banking Kiosk

Olicom Kiosk products and solutions are designed and targeted to simplify banking operations and to provide more convenience and efficiency to the users.

Integrated with Olicom MB2 printer and A600 scanner module inside, the kiosk is mainly designed for passbook updating and cheque deposit in banks.

  • Strip Card Reader
  • Chip Card Reader
  • Pin Pad
  • Passbook Printing
  • A600K
  • Speaker
  • 15" Touch Screen
  • Receipt Printer
  • Recycling Box Inside

Mobile Banking Kiosk

Mobile banking kiosk is specially designed for bank officials on door-to-door marketing of big customers and on-site card issuing businesses. It supports finical IC card and magnetic stripe card and realizes business functions such as loan application, card issuing and financial businesses. Small size, easy to carry and with a card replacing box, the device makes it possible for bank officials to go out to send cards.

  • Wireless VPN connecting without the limitations of regions and space
  • Mobile and portable
  • Quick and easy access
  • Large capacity battery supply
  • IC card dealing
  • - Hold ID card to borrow IC card, IC co-branded card - Magnetic card replaces IC compatible card - IC card loading - IC card changing - Card activating
  • Channels opening and signing
  • - Electronic channels inquire and register - Mobile banking channels register - Banking website channels inquire and register - Telephone bank - 3rd party storage and contract - Automatic credit card repayment and contract - Financial product contract - Credit card application - Financial product opening
  • General query and transfer
  • - Balance inquire - Latest deals details of inquiring and printing - Account details inquiring and printing - Password modification - Card-to-card mutual transfer, support one card in several accounts - Mutual funds transfer of card's account and interbank funds transfer - Diversified businesses self-service contract - Financial information inquire - Diversified immediate businesses and charging services as agents
  • Device self-management
  • - Card numbers inquire - Card issuing and details printing of recycling - Deals inquiring statistics - Re-printing voucher and receipt voucher - Past details printing - Machine cleaning with an added card - Device self-checking and status on

Smart Self-Service Kiosk

  • Security and Panorama camera
  • Facial camera
  • Angle adjustment
  • Anti-peeping mirror
  • 19 inch display/touch screen
  • IPC reset button
  • E-token/USB-key dispenser
  • Integrated Microphone and Speaker
  • Invoice printer
  • ID card slot and ID card reader
  • E-signature pen
  • Laser barcode scanner
  • Card dispenser
  • Fingerprint device
  • Human sensor
  • Laser printer

Smart Terminal

iTeller is a stylish, intellectual kiosk terminal that generates business traffic for bank branches by providing various non-cash services.
Enhanced by upgraded operating logic; help by e-signature, facial-recognition technology; supported by "kiosk + on-site authorization" model, the smart terminals can provide best decisions, identity authentication and business handling service which promotes efficiency and competitiveness for bank branches. While user experience were optimized for both ends, service provider can utilize extra effort on marketing, establishing a virtuous circle.

  • Fusion of Fashion and Technology: compact, light, handy
  • Based on the simple design concept, it's easy to handle and operate. Stand out from the stereotype of a cumbersome machine with its charming looking and practical function
  • Save up to 60% time compare to traditional counter service
  • The separation design set business process and document obtaining apart, maximize the facilitation of branch resources
  • Increase service substitution rate, free up human resources for better marketing performance
  • Capable of handling the highest possible transaction volumes
  • ID card reader and scanner
  • Barcode/QR code scanner
  • Non-contact IC card reader/NFC
  • Metal EPP
  • Fingerprint device
  • Capacitive Display
  • E-pen/electromagnetic solution
  • High resolution camera
  • Invoice printer
  • Bank card reader
  • Human body sensor module
  • Facial camera
  • Operation camera

Wall-Mounting Kiosk

This Wall-Mounting Kiosk provides customers with services such as account detail, money transfer and cards top up. Integrated Flatten design was applied that push visual effect to another level. Furthermore, the user-friendly leaning style is good for card reading and operating. Product layout was optimized to be lighter, prettier and 30% smaller than the traditional machines.

Basic Functions:
  • To pay water bill, electric bill, telephone charges, gas bill and more
  • To top- up IC card: transportation card, water-card, electricity card, gas card and more
  • Compact design, low power consumption
  • Embedded operating system, high performance & stable application
  • High security with ATM full hardware encryption technique
  • Color TFT touch monitor and voice prompts, easy to use
  • Support automatically server-side software download, easy to upgrade
  • Support remote management, low management and maintenance cost
  • Support mobile wallet recharging & small amount bill pay

Self-service Terminal Machines (SSTM)

SSTM are versatile which delivers a unique and professional experience to our users in different lines of business. With several modules including POS, barcode scanner, card reader, finger print scanner, thermal printers available as options, meeting the diversified demands from financial, catering, municipal administration, retailing industry all over the world.

  • Advance capacitive screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Customized integration
  • Industrial reliability
  • User-friendly interface
  • Touch screen
  • High definition
  • Thermal printer
  • Windows OS


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