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A three-station dot matrix printer, for individual forms and two paper rolls (maximum width 70mm). The first station, with an automatic tear bar, is used to print receipts, the second station prints the journal and the third station prints transaction slips, inserted from the top or the front.

The PR4DR offers advanced capabilities, outstanding productivity in printing and paper management, low noise level and high operating speed that makes it a top performer in its market class.

Optionally the printer is capable of mounting a MICR reader.
  • Three stations impact dot matrix printer (receipt, journal and slip)
  • Flexible paper management
  • Automatic paper roll loading both for receipts and journal
  • Excellent productivity


A single station impact dot matrix printer. With its high throughput (230/315 cps), attractive design, compact dimensions and silent printing the PR4 SL guarantees the reliability of continuous operation.

Ideal for filling in documents, the PR4 SL is an invaluable tool for counter operations. Documents may be inserted from the front or the top of the printer.
The printer can mount an optional MICR reader.

  • Single station impact dot matrix slip printer
  • Automatic alignment and positioning from front
  • High throughput
  • Multi application capability invoice printing, cheque handling
  • Small overall dimensions


The PR4 SR is a two station dot matrix printer, intended for applications where the journal is not requested, which can handle individual forms (slips) and a single paper roll. The first station prints either receipts or the journal (a duplicate copy roll must be used if both types of document are required); the second station prints transaction slips, inserted either from the top or the front.

The printer can also mount an optional MICR reader.

  • Two stations impact dot matrix printer for receipt and transaction slips
  • Flexible paper management
  • Wide range of options
  • Excellent productivity


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